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Post job vacancies to top rated candidates

Toptask Recruitment allows you to post longer term vacancies to our top rated and most active candidates.

Post any vacancy, including:





Receive applications from...

Receive applications from candidates with...

Previous reviews and ratings from Employers and businesses

Top ratings on our freelance platform (4 stars and above)

Minimum number of completed projects (3 or more)

Candidates with proven soft skills 

Frequently asked questions

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How do I post a longer term vacancy?

You can post a longer term vacancy via desktop. Simply register as an Employer (or login to an existing account), select 'new post' and then 'job vacancy'.

Who can apply to my job vacancy?

Our candidate pool includes undergraduates and graduates that have completed a minimum of 3 tasks on our freelancer platform with an average rating of 4 stars or more. 

What types of job vacancies can I post?

Our recruitment branch is used for longer term vacancies, including recurring jobs (e.g. weekly/ monthly), internships and placements, and short term or part-time work.

How do I contact my candidates?

If satisfied with your applicants, pay an upfront fee to access your applicants' full profile, including CVs and contact information. Contact your applicants directly once you have unlocked their profile.