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Simple & affordable. Learn about the price for each of Toptask's categories.

Toptask will only release the funds once the task has been successfully completed by the student and confirmed by the employer.

A percentage of the service fee is invested into a scholarship programme that gives young people from all backgrounds the chance to attend university.

The price of each task depends on the category of task booked. The below table reflects the tasks included in both categories. 

Employers may choose either an hourly price or a fixed rate when posting a task.

Starting from

Hourly rates

Tasks pricing categories

*This price includes the service fee and VAT.


Suggested pricing


*This price includes a 20% service fee and VAT. An admin fee of £2.50 per task inclusive of VAT will be added on check-out.

Suggested fixed rate


Category A

*A 20% service fee and VAT will be added to your chosen rate. An admin fee of £2.50 per task inclusive of VAT will be added on check-out.


Find out about our

  • Babysitting
  • Office help
  • Social media help
  • Presentations
  • Event help

scholarship programme.

Category B

Fixed price rates

  • Hardware & software
  • Tech troubleshooting
  • Advanced research
  • Video & photography
  • Language translations

Category C

  • Tutoring GCSE or below
  • Tutoring A Levels or above
  • Music lessons

How do I pay the student?

Find out more in our here.

Do I need to pay VAT?

Toptask charges a small service fee. A percentage of this fee is invested into a scholarship program to encourage the underprivileged to access university.

Admin fee covers all transaction costs such as PayPal.

Read our full FAQs here.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. VAT is included in both the transaction fee and the admin fee.

Why do I need to pay upfront?

What are the service and admin fees?

Toptask asks you to pay upfront in order to avoid unnecessary exchange of personal data, as well as to protect the interests and privacy of both you and the student.

Payments are processed by PayPal and Braintree. The transaction will be taken from your account once you have accepted a student to hire and the student gets the money once the task is completed. 

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