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  • Complete our simple job info form with the details of the position you want to fill
  • Include as much information as you like, such as role, responsibilities and terms
  • Upload your own materials with your logo

Receive job applicants

  • We will send your job spec to our pre-vetted pool of students
  • We will personally interview student applicants for suitability
  • We will collate the best applicants for your consideration

Choose your student

  • Pay only for the suitable applicants that you receive
  • You choose how many student applicants you want to receive
  • Toptask sends you the best candidates with their CV and notes


  • Toptask takes charge of vetting and interviewing student applicants suitable for your position
  • We provide applicants at a flat fee rate of £45.00 (excl. VAT) per student application
  • You will only be charged based on the number of applicants you choose to receive
  • Once payment is received your list of candidates will be sent to you for your consideration


Per vetted applicant

Flat fee

(Excl. VAT)


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Disclaimer: Please note that Toptask does not guarantee that students will apply for jobs that are advertised on the JobShop. Toptask will advertise job postings and seek student applications on a best endeavours basis. Toptask does not accept responsibility for, and does not endorse, any job offers that are made and has the right to refuse to advertise job offers that it receives should it so choose. Toptask is the trading name of S2DNT UK Limited (09812957).

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