Toptask is a revolutionary platform, connecting students to employers with just a few taps. Find out more about the making and running of Toptask.

About us.

Willing and able workforce

Cost-efficient solution

Simple process

Scholarship programme

Our verified university students are enthusiastic and determined.

Our suggested price for each task is a fraction of the standard market price.

Quick and easy registration process with same day help if needed.

A % of each fee is invested into a scholarship program for the underprivileged to access university.

The creation of Toptask.

The idea for Toptask came whilst founder Gregory was on holiday in Italy. Greg was looking for a babysitter to look after his little girl so he and his wife could enjoy an evening together at a nearby restaurant. Despite staying in a university town heavily populated with students that would be perfect for the job, there was no safe, reliable way for Gregory to connect with them. Fast-forward 12 months, lots of research and hard work from a team who are students themselves, and Toptask was born.

Toptask is an innovative platform that connects the general public with the largely untapped source of skilled, determined and talented university students. Toptask is the ultimate win-win; enabling students to earn money and gain work experience, whilst providing highly-skilled services to employers at a fraction of the cost of professionals.

The app was launched in January 2017, with hundreds of students signing up to the platform in the first couple of months.

"In the last years I discovered the many unnoticed talents of university students. Many of the skills that we, from previous generations, still struggle with at times come so naturally to this talented young group. The fact that they face a more challenging future than most of us did makes it a duty of the obvious to support them while benefiting from their incredible skills"

Gregory P. Newman | Founder & Managing Director

The win-win solution.

The whole purpose of the platform is to help: helping students, helping individuals and helping businesses.

From website design to babysitting, French tutoring to tech support, student skills know no bounds.

Toptask not only supports university students looking for extra cash, but it also provides support to young achievers still at school through its scholarship programme. Toptask invests a percentage of its proceeds into a programme which gives young people from all backgrounds the chance to attend university.

Mission and vision.

Toptask's mission is to provide these #notjustyoung students with the means to support themselves financially, whilst also introducing skilled and affordable services to a wider public.

It is Toptask's vision to build a global platform that serves university students worldwide by providing them with access to flexible, temporary work!

Toptask today.

Toptask continues working hard to provide a commendable and trustworthy workforce that can provide skilled services at reduced prices to individuals and small businesses across London.

Based in central London, Toptask takes pride in practising what it preaches. The app is currently run by a small team of young, enthusiastic university students and recent graduates, who are supported by an experienced management team. All content for Toptask, including its website, media and marketing materials, is generated in-house by talented university students and the Toptask team. 

Toptask is currently working in partnership with several major London universities, and has over 2,000 registered students on the platform. 

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